2018 – A Year of Magic

Yep, I’m claiming it. It’s going to be a magical year. 2018 already feels different. I feel like I’ve stepped into this subtle energy shift that is changing everything. It’s like something clicked for the first time ever without anything really changing.

And before I go on, I want to say – if you’re not there, know that that’s okay. We all have our own experiences. Don’t put pressure or expectations on yourself. Feel your way in – even if it means going slow. Take your time. Go at your own pace. This is about you and no one else so don’t do yourself the disservice of comparing your journey to another’s. Honor yourself and your inner guidance.

To me, the start of this year feels like an opportunity to continue to integrate the new energies, patterns, and thoughts I took on in the last quarter of 2017. I don’t really have a desire to leap into changing my entire life and flipping everything on its head and putting massive expectations on myself of what I want to achieve.

Personally, this year feels like it’s about RISING.

Slowly and gradually at first…via intentional, conscious energy shifts. Via prioritizing the time to prime for my days and tune into my self and my inner guidance system. Via choosing a higher vibration. Via feeling my feelings. Via exploring the landscape of discomfort and walking towards the edges of my comfort zone. Via a focus on the internal shaping the external.

I’m ready to rise above the limitations of my ego and the terror of my fear. I’m ready to step into my fuller potential where it feels scary and unfamiliar and exciting and challenging. I’m ready to let go of excess crap that isn’t serving me anymore – whether that’s materials things or nonphysical things like limiting thoughts or old behaviors. I’m ready to lend my voice to conversations that feel confronting, intimidating, and sometimes like I have no place to take part in for the sake of learning, growing, and expanding. I’m ready to honor the call of my desires and to stop playing small and hiding in an effort to stay safe.

I’m ready to stand in my full power amidst my imperfection and to allow my truest self to be seen.

This post and my updated about page reflect on my most important learnings of 2017 so I’m going to leave my reflection at that and move forward with the nuggets of wisdom I gained in my back pocket.

Logistically, I don’t have any concrete goals for the year as of right now. I’m trusting that my desires will clarify with time and, in the mean time, I’m feeling really grateful for the openness I feel as we welcome another year and, for me, the last year of my twenties. There are certain general things that would be wonderful to happen, but I don’t really feel all that attached to any outcomes. The uncertainly and blankness actually feel exhilarating – anything is possible! I’m truly leaning into feeling the ways I want to feel – right here, right now. And let me tell you, it sort of feels like a magic pill – but that’s an entirely different post.

The journey of self-discovery that last year led me on has brought me to this place of feeling ready to fully own who I am and step into the energy of the life I desire for myself and my family. I don’t want to downplay the things I love, feel, or think for the sake of protecting others’ egos (or my own) or because of the fear of being judged anymore.

  • I have the courage to say what I mean, feel what I feel, and share what I love.
  • I am brave enough to help others uncover their own light instead of trying to be agreeable to everyone.
  • I see the magic surrounding me every day.
  • I stand strong in who I am while being open to growth, learning, and expansion.
  • I appreciate the abundance, the health, the people, and the endless amounts of love in my life.
  • I rise to what my soul is asking of me regardless of any fears and imperfections I may have.

I still don’t necessarily have a clear view of where this ship is headed, but if you’re still on board with me, thanks for sticking around and learning right alongside with me. I appreciate you immensely and I hope this space offers something valuable to your life – not just so you can feel inspired, but also so that you can get to know yourself better. Because that’s where the magic lives. It’s within you. Right here, right now.