i do tuesday: engagement pictures 2

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share some of our engagement pictures with you guys. The first engagement pictures I shared a few months ago were by my amazing friend Michelle. The ones I'm sharing today were taken by our wedding photographer, Kelly Stonelake. To see more, you can visit her site here to see the incredibly sweet story she wrote on her blog that accompanies a storyboard of some of our pictures. She is awesome, and we are so excited that she'll be shooting our wedding day! I wanted to share more with you in this post but my laptop died so I wasn't able to upload them all in time. I will update this later with more. For now, visit her site to see more! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Please excuse my out of control hair! It was a gorgeous sunny day in Monterey but was extremely windy (as you can tell)!


  1. Oh my.... how precious are these... :) You look blissfully happy! Congrats!

  2. You two are so cute together, love the beach pictures!

    xo erica

  3. So in love with these. THe first photo looks like a screenshot from a movie.

  4. oh...my gosh. I'm in love a little. what a darling shoot. congratulations to you two!

  5. These pictures are adorable + the crazy windswept hair makes them all the better!
    ♡ Lexi
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