wide legs

Top, J. Crew. Jeans, Elie Tahari via Saks. Shoes, Charlotte Russe. Necklace, bracelets, & ring, F21. Black & gold bracelets, Bauble Bar.

These are one of my favorite pair of nice jeans. I love wide leg pants. They are so flattering on anyone who wears them, and when they hover just above the ground, they make your legs look miles long. This pair is high wasted (but not too high wasted), which is great because it sucks everything in! I'm also obsessed with the feel and color of this silk top. It's so easy to dress up or wear casual. (I'm just realizing how massive my badonkadonk looks in the last photo! Goodness gracious.)

As a new blogger, I'm learning a whole lot. There are SO many things I want to improve: my blog design, the quality of my pictures, the quantity of outfit posts, my stupid faces, etc. There are so many amazing blogs that provide great motivation and inspiration for improvement. I love scouring my favorite blogs and finding the first post. It's fun to see the difference between when they started and where they're at now. What I haven't seen a whole lot of are stories of the troubles, difficulties, etc. they have encountered as bloggers. For instance, I'm finding it difficult to snap outfit photos when the lighting outside is right! I'm either not home yet or no one else is home to take the photos for me. Of course, I could always take indoor photos, but the lighting doesn't always work then either. The photos above were taken in the warehouse of my dad's business. It would have been cool, but the huge florescent lights aren't exactly conducive to photography...or at least I'm pretty sure they're not. Anyway, just take one look at my eyeballs. They look puffy and gross. Maybe I'm just blaming that on the lighting and it's actually what my eyes look like. But the point is that I wish there were more stories of the struggles bloggers' have faced...that way I don't feel so pathetic! Ha. I hope you don't mind, but I plan on sharing the difficulties I face both so I can look back and remember and in case anyone else is dealing with the same issues.

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! 


  1. you look great! i see nothing wrong with your photos, only some good stuff: like that shirt and your tiny badonkadonk:-) is that weird? happy blogging! xoxo

  2. first of all, you look wonderful and your butt in no way looks massive. it's pretty much what mine looks like from the side too....you calling my ass big?!? :)

    secondly, THANK YOU so much for this post! as a new blogger i'm also encountering all kinds of similar struggles (and lots others), and i didn't realize until you mentioned it that none of the successful bloggers ever do seem to talk about their learning process. and it would be helpful if they did.

    but know that you're not alone! i sometimes spend a good 2 or 3 hours just trying to learn new bloggy things.

    i look forward to more posts like this. eventually we'll figure all of this stuff out!


  3. such a cute look! love that necklace :)


  4. Um... you are too cute! I'm so jealous that you get to wear all this cute stuff to work and I have to wear an ugly uniform!!!!!!!

  5. oh my gosh! I am so happy you found my blog! You live in san jose?! can we be new best friends? you have amazing style btw

  6. Well my sister discovered your blog before I did, but what a great find. I really love your style! It makes me want to reconsider things in my closet. This outfit is AMAZING.

    I'll be back for sure :)