it's monday

Blouse, sweater, coat, & ring, F21. Jeans & bracelet, Anthropologie. Shoes, Christian Siriano for Payless.

Happy Monday! Hoping this is finding you healthy and ready for the week. I didn't wake up feeling wonderful today as I was hoping, but I am feeling better than I did over the weekend. Yay for improvement! And I'm throwing in a cat picture for good measure...because who doesn't like cat pictures? Especially ones with a cat that looks like Hitler? 


  1. Great jacket and I love the color of your sweater!

  2. Photo #1 - Looks like you enjoy smelling your bf's farts

    Photo #2 - Did you forget to brush your hair this morning?

    Photo #3 - Your shirt is untucked

    Photo #4 - The cat looks like it has some issues.

    PS - Why dont you ever approve my comments?

  3. Bam - approved! haha whoever you are...

    By the way, the cat does have issues! ;)

  4. Love your outfit! Super cute shoes :) ...and that poor cat... he kinda does look like Hitler!

  5. I love your jacket and sweater :) omg the cat kind of does look like Hitler...

  6. I want to see more of those shoes! Awesome:) Love the sweater color!

  7. I agree with the shoe requests! But I do love the rest of the outfit also. Very simple & sophisticated.


  8. um, i totally have that pink sweater! LOL
    and oh my gosh your cat is HITLER!!

  9. Thank you, ladies! Isn't the cat funny? She's a crazy little thing. Sorry I didn't get a close up of the shoes. Here's a better picture of them:

    Lauren, we're twins! :)

  10. Oh gosh, your outfit is adorable, but the cat kills me!


  11. Your cat is so cute. Lurv the colour of your jersey, so vibrant & cheery

  12. Your cat is so cute. Lurv the colour of your jersey, so vibrant & cheery

  13. oh wow your cat really does look like hitler. it actually made me lol.

    your outfit is so pretty! i had been seeing those christian siriano shoes at payless and couldn't imagine what to pair them with. they look fantastic with what you got goin on!
    ps - thank you for finally approving annonymous's comment. it was highly amusing and i applaud you for having a great sense of humor about it.