20% off anthro members weekend

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Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the private grand opening party of the first new Anthro & Co. store, which is the first in the country. Because it’s in Walnut Creek (about 1.5 hours from Santa Cruz), I almost didn’t go. Seth had two extra work days this week so with yesterday being his only day off and the event being at 6pm (hello Bay Area traffic), I thought it would be too much. We ended up deciding to go up in the afternoon and make a day of it – we got lunch, roamed around downtown a bit, and hit the event. I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get back into taking outfit photos so I brought along my camera…only to get there and realize I forgot my memory card. Derr.

Needless to say, I’m SO glad we decided to go (Talie was such a trooper!). The store is nothing short of magnificent. If you’re not sure what Anthropologie & Co. is, just imagine Anthro on steroids. It’s a mega store that brings Anthro, BHLDN, and Terrain under one roof so they have a massively expanded home section with different rooms entirely decorated, expanded beauty and shoe/bag/accessory sections, a section just for petites, two gorgeous outdoor terraces filled with Terrain, and an area dedicated to BHLDN, which I so wish they had when I was getting married! (If you follow me on snap – nataliecomstock – you’ll get a glimpse of just how amazing it was.)

I first fell in love with Anthro in college. I was looking for a job in retail and had never been in an Anthro before. As soon as I stepped foot inside, I felt like I was at home. I seriously didn’t want to leave so I applied for a job. I ended up working there for a few years and really fell for the company – the people were wonderful and I loved that the brand itself not only created this magical shopping experience unlike any other retailer, but that they had great values, donated to different causes regularly, and did cool things like working with women from third world countries to hand make products sold during holiday one year. They’ve always felt like a company I can stand behind.

Last night left me feeling really re-inspired about fashion and shopping and the way I want to dress. It reminded me of my desire to buy less but better – to really be intentional with my purchases and buy better quality. Shopping that way feels massively different to me than shopping just to satisfy the urge to buy something or for the sake of getting new stuff. I also feel really inspired to try new silhouettes and shapes – things like culottes and ponchos and bell sleeves and just things that I’ve never really gravitated to before but for some reason saw in a totally new light last night.

This morning I woke up to an email informing me Anthro is having 20% off everything for members this weekend. Nice timing. I hopped onto the site wanting to bookmark things I saw last night (and remembering that I have a gift card) and found so much good stuff that I had to share my favorites here. I started writing this post with the intent to write something short just to accompany my picks, but the words just fell out leaving me with this really long post that’s basically a love letter to Anthro. This isn’t sponsored. It wasn’t even planned. It just kind of came out of me for I’m not sure what reason other than to share my excitement. I just really love this company and am professing my love because I feel completely re-inspired by last night’s experience and what they’re carrying right now. So Happy Friday and Happy Shopping! ;)


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Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!