beek heron sandal

The Perfect Summer Sandal

For anyone that doesn’t know, I was a figure skater for over 10 years. One day when I was around 10 or so, I came home from practice with a huge swollen ankle and I had no idea why. It turns out, the arches of my feet are high and collapse when I walk, which meant I needed custom orthotic inserts for my skates. I’ve had orthotics in my skates ever since and although I
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Style + Spirit I Am Rooted leggings

Monday Mojo, 5 : 4 Tips for Starting the Week with a Clear Mind

Happy Monday, beauties! We have another fresh week ahead of us – and it’s the last of April, at that. No better time to check back in and gain some clarity on what our priorities are as we finish off the month. I always seem to have more productive, enjoyable, and effective weeks when I go into them with a clear mind so I thought I’d share four things you can do to help you
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pregnancy style

28 Weeks

Today marks my entrance into the third trimester of pregnancy! How crazy is that? (This photo was taken a few weeks ago.) The beginning felt like it dragged by, but now it feels like time has flown. Seth and I talk all the time about how anxious, antsy, and excited we are to meet our daughter, but at the same time I know the next three months are going to pass us by in the blink
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Woodenshoe Tulip Farm

Spring in Oregon

A few weekends ago, Seth and I took a weekend trip up to Portland to visit Crystalin and Mike. I’ve missed her dearly and wanted to visit and knew that if we didn’t do it before baby, it wasn’t going to happen for awhile. It was so good to see them and catch up on everything. They’ve created quite a beautiful little life up there. On the day we got there, they adopted a rescue puppy
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