Over It | Natalie Dressed

When You’re Over It

It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen Seth and let’s just say I’m over it. I mentioned in my last post the two days last week that felt rather blazo and it was partially because of the fact that I focusing on how much it sucked that he was gone. Like most in things in life, a little paradigm shift is all it really takes to turn things around. Do I miss my husband? Yes. Times
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Intentions for August | Natalie Dressed

Intentions for August

The last two days of July felt off kilter and wonky. They were really blah days. Part of it was the fact that the 11 days without Seth was beginning to catch up with me and I think part of it was the blue moon (which made a lot of sense once I found out it was in fact a blue moon). I immediately felt better when the next day rolled around and have felt
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High-Slit Maxi | Natalie Dressed

High-Slit Maxi

I’ve been wearing dresses a lot more lately. This one in particular is a favorite. I love that’s it’s basic and simple, ridiculously long, and has side slits. The side sits are actually great because you can take the front and back panels and tie them up in a knot if you want to turn the dress into a midi. How about that for transitional? I’m pretty picky about maxi dresses. Below are a couple of
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Weekending in Tahoe

         There’s nothing like escaping to Lake Tahoe. It never fails to leave me refreshed and grateful. There’s the drive up with In-N-Out pit stops and battles over who controls the music. There’s the clean mountain air, the crisp blue water, and the breathtaking views. There’s the group trips to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and meals. There’s cooking and eating together and best of all, having an entire group to
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