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Quirky | Natalie Dressed
Quirky | Natalie Dressed
Quirky | Natalie Dressed
Quirky | Natalie Dressed
Quirky | Natalie DressedQuirky | Natalie DressedQuirky | Natalie DressedQuirky | Natalie Dressed Quirky | Natalie Dressed

Photos by Crystalin Marie

Anthropologie blazer & button down (both old) | Brandy Melville tee | Gap jeans (on sale) | Nine West pumps (on sale) | J.Crew Factory Necklace

A funny mannerism. A signature dance move. A weird phobia. Irrational fears. Peculiar taste. The look that everyone knows. We all have our own little quirks about us. And I think we’re all a little weird in one way or another. But those thing should be embraced. Our quirks are what make us unique. They keep life interesting.

For me, I have a weird neck phobia. I can’t stand things around the front of my neck so I’m often adjusting shirts and necklaces. I love fashion and style, but I also have a geeky side that loves musicals, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. When I hear anything resembling nails on a chalkboard, I have to plug my ears and make the highest pitched squeal I can make to balance it out – so weird, I know. I’m deathly afraid of bugs and spiders. I don’t even like butterflies near me. I spill on myself all. the. time.

What about you? What are some quirks or weird things you do?

Have a great weekend filled with fun and all your amazing quirkiness!


Blogger Beauties: Jess in 15 | Natalie Dressed

Blogger Beauties: Jess in 15

Blogger Beauties: Jess in 15 | Natalie Dressed

Happy Thursday, beauties! I’m so very excited to feature Jess Lively as our Blogger Beauty today. I have been following Jess’ work for the past three or four years now and still can’t get enough. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jess when she hired me to style one of her workshops last year and not surprisingly, she is the sweetest person. She’s one of those people that you automatically feel comfortable around. She’s very real and down to earth and has such a light about her. She’s a soul sister in that she’s this intelligent, beautiful woman with great taste (have you seen her home?) while remaining humble, staying connected to her spirit, and always working on the internal. Yep, she’s a gem.

I want to mention that her Life With Intention online course is starting up again in February because I’m dying to take it myself (birthday gift, mom?! ;) ). It’s the perfect course to start the new year with if you want to stop living life on auto and learn how to live with intention. It’s about “swapping ‘shoulds’, shame, and ‘future-tripping’ with peace, joy, and fulfillment.” Yes, please. You can read all about it here. Also, if you haven’t checked out Jess’ podcast, The Lively Show, go do it now (run!) because there is so much good stuff in those babies. I’m a frequent listener and feel so inspired and empowered every time I listen. Her guests share so many great tips, insights, and lessons.

Okay, I think you can see how much I love this girl. Here’s her 15!

  1. YOUR BEST TRAIT: I’ve been said to have a lot of energy.
  2. YOUR BIGGEST STRUGGLE: Sometimes I try too hard (in any area of life). 
  3. DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: Polished, vintage, edited.
  4. MY HAPPY PLACE IS: Hiking with my puppa and my hubba.
  7. FAVORITE BOOK: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  8. MUST-HAVE BEAUTY ITEM: Concealer! 
  9. FAVORITE SKINCARE PRODUCT:  Beautycounter’s Vibrant Eye Perfector.
  10. FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET: A heathered grey sweatshirt from Loft .
  11. YOUR GO-TO LOCAL SPOT: Vino Vino for happy hour with friends.
  12. FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX: Getting a massage.
  13. QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. I’m doing okay and I’m on my way.” – Joyce Meyer
  14. PERSON THAT MOST INSPIRES YOU: Tie between Ben Franklin and Gandhi. 
  15. WHAT HUMBLES YOU: The realization that I’m not nearly in control as much as my ego sometimes think I am. 

Blogger Beauties: Jess in 15 | Natalie Dressed

Jess, thanks so much for sharing with us. I, too, am dying to visit Australia and love heather grey sweatershirts. I have many. ;) I think the quote you shared is such a great one for us to keep in mind, especially as we close out the year and head into the clean slate of 2015.

Cheers, friends! It’s almost Friday!