Style + Spirit New Arrivals | Natalie Dressed

Style + Spirit New Arrivals

It’s Friday and I have a present for you! There’s new stuff over the Style + Spirit site ripe for your shopping! I’m really excited about the new pieces and have been wearing them since I got them in my hands. They’re all really soft and comfy! A word on sizing: the muscle tee runs pretty small. I fit into a medium, but prefer a large because the medium is too fitted for my liking.
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What to Wear to a Wedding | Natalie Dressed

What to Wear to a Wedding

It’s that time of year – wedding season! I personally love going to weddings and am almost guaranteed to cry like a baby, especially if I know the couple well. We only have one more wedding to attend this year, but I thought it would be fun to share some ideas and options for those of you that have weddings throughout the year. I’ve broken it down into four general categories for you: 1. THE
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Allow Yourself to Feel | Natalie Dressed

Allow Yourself to Feel

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I had a little meltdown recently. Essentially, it was the result of pent up emotions I’ve been carrying with me throughout my days without expressing or even really allowing myself to feel. The journey of entrepreneurship can be a tricky one. I’m grateful for my situation every single day and know how blessed am I to have the opportunity to pursue this whole blogging and
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Tuxedo Vest | Natalie Dressed

Tuxedo Vest

Hello! How was your long weekend? Seth and I spent it attending graduation parties and BBQs and used Monday to clean and get our lives back in order. I’d say it was a good one! I was in Anthropologie recently looking for a gift and stumbled upon this sleeveless white button down. Me and white tops have a thing for each other, ya know. This one in particular is so soft and gauzy, and I
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