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January Reflections + February Focus

January was a solid month. After a nauseous first trimester, I felt like myself again and got a lot done. I’ve definitely settled into more of a groove than I had last year, but still want to focus more on personal and spiritual practices. I know it’s already the second week of February, but here are some of my reflections from January as well as my focus for the rest of February. JAN. REFLECTIONS +
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My Picks for Valentine’s Day

I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, although it’s never really been a big deal to me. Seth and I don’t exchange gifts, but I always write him a card and appreciate a card and flowers. As kids, my mom always gave us candy and a card or a note so I think I’ve always just appreciated it as a day to make each other feel special and remind the people close to you that you love
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Weekend Style // Sweatshirt Tuck

Although this outfit is the perfect weekend look, it was totally worn during the week. I haven’t had that many reasons to put together any great outfits lately so everything has been pretty casual and my bump is basically at the point of me just looking like I put on a few extra pounds (it’s not a noticeable pregnant belly so it kind of just looks like a pooch!), which makes many outfits feel just
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Random Things to Know About This Thursday | Natalie Dressed

Random Things to Know About This Thursday

Happy Thursday! How’s your week been so far? It’s crazy that it’s February already, but I’m excited about it – it should be a good month! We have a weekend trip down to Southern California coming up next weekend that I’m so looking forward to. I’m praying the weather will be warm down there because I want some sunshine! Today I just wanted to pop in and share a few things that have been on my
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