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New Favorites

This Forever 21 top and these DL1961 Nolita jeans are my two new favorite pieces in my closet. I’ll be wearing both throughout the summer. I always love a good breezy blouse, especially paired with denim. The fact that this one has tie tassels and little pom poms lining the bottom makes me rather in love with it as I’ve been obsessed with both of those details on anything for quite awhile. They give it
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Choosing to Let It Go | Natalie Dressed

Choosing to Let It Go

On Sunday night, I got home from San Jose after shooting with Crystalin for most of the day. I walked into the house and immediately felt like I was about to be swept up in overwhelm. To me, the best way to head into Monday is with a clean house, a general plan for the week, and some clarity around my goals and what I’d like to accomplish. This past Sunday, it was the complete opposite.
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Jord Wood Watch | Natalie Dressed

Jord Wood Watch

I love myself a good masculine watch. In fact, almost all the watches I own are pretty masculine. Maybe it’s because I have smaller wrists, but there’s something about a big watch face that makes me feel cooler. Is that weird? When I first hopped on the Jord website, I was immediately intrigued. Watches made of wood. As a girl obsessed with all things made of wood, I found them to be a match made in
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Welcome to the Girl Gang! | Natalie Dressed

Welcome to The Girl Gang!

There’s something about female friendships. Girlfriends. Sisterhood. When those relationships are genuine and authentic, they’re powerful. Life changing, even. They’ve been monumental in my own life. Many of the women in my life help keep me inspired, motivated, and passionate. They make me feel supported and heard. They help me grow into who I am. One of my favorite parts of blogging has become sending out my weekly newsletter. It’s fostered that sense of sisterhood
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