Old Outfit, Current Update

Oh, hey there. It’s been awhile. I think it’s fairly obvious that I’ve begun to slow things down as my due date gets closer and closer. I apologize for the quiet around here without any kind of notice on my part. In my last post, I mentioned that the third trimester has been tough for me. The physical discomfort has been a big distraction, but also my laser focus on our home and prepping everything
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baby bump and pup

Embracing It All: Practicing Santosha During Pregnancy

Had you asked me how pregnancy was during the 2nd trimester, I would have said it’s pretty great. The first trimester was a little rough in terms of being nauseous and exhausted all the time, but the 2nd trimester was golden. The third trimester is a whole other story. Sometimes I feel great, but I’m probably in pain 50-75% of the time. I’ve mentioned that I’ve had this severe rib pain before and it has
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chicwish high neck top

Not Your Average Blouse

I love this Chicwish top because it’s not your ordinary blouse. The peplum, long sleeves, high neck, and embroidery make it much more of a statement. And bonus, it works with my growing belly! How have you guys been? Anyone else as excited for summer as I am?! What I’m currently most stoked about (besides my child!) is that the Sharks are going to the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs! I’ve been a die
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Printed Maxis Under $150

It’s the time of year when there are a lot of different parties and events to attend – weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, birthday parties, BBQs, you name it. When it comes to dressing for things like bridal and baby showers – events that require you to dress up a little bit and look nice but are still pretty casual – you can’t go wrong with a printed maxi, especially if you’re pregnant! They’re
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