Weekending in Tahoe

         There’s nothing like escaping to Lake Tahoe. It never fails to leave me refreshed and grateful. There’s the drive up with In-N-Out pit stops and battles over who controls the music. There’s the clean mountain air, the crisp blue water, and the breathtaking views. There’s the group trips to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and meals. There’s cooking and eating together and best of all, having an entire group to
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Short Set | Natalie Dressed

Short Set

I love a good short set and I love a good crop top. I don’t wear them often because, obviously, they’re not the easiest thing to wear and can get unflattering real quick. When I saw this particular set I loved it immediately, but knew ordering it without seeing it in person could end up a disaster. Thankfully, it fit perfectly and I love it! High-waisted, pleated shorts are not something I’d typically wear, but paired
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When We're Called to Rise Above | Natalie Dressed

When We’re Called to Rise Above

There’s times in our life when we are called to rise above our circumstances, a particular situation, or our limiting beliefs. It’s uncomfortable. Your insides stir with restless energy you don’t know what to do with. You want to react. You want to defend. You want to justify. You want to crucify. You want to be heard. Sometimes the situation calls for you to stand up for yourself. And other times, it calls for silence. It
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Face Forward | Natalie Dressed

Face Forward

        I’m excited about today’s post because I’m partnering with Clinique to focus a little bit on the future. As part of their #FaceForward campaign, Clinique asked “If you could give advice to your future self, what would it be?” Typically, this kind of question asks us to give advice to our younger selves. This particular version makes us pause to reflect and consider what we want our lives to look like, who we
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