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Soulmates Don’t Have to Be Human

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (nataliecomstock), you know how obsessed I am with my dog Bailey. She is everything to me. Since the day we got her, she’s brought immense amount of joy into our lives. It’s hard to walk in the door and remain stressed when you have an pup greeting you with a huge smile and wagging tail. For so many of us, our animals are more than just animals. They’re
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ASOS someday lovin raw edge denim jacket

Oversized Denim Jacket

I’ve been wanting an oversized denim jacket for awhile so I ordered this jacket from ASOS assuming I’d either love it or hate it. Thankfully, I love it. I love the raw edges, the lighter wash, and the fit. The only downside to it is that when the sleeves aren’t rolled, the arms are a little wide. I could get it tailored, but for now I like the look of the sleeves rolled, even if I
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black and white graphic tee

Monday Mojo, 6 : Making Peace a Priority

Probably the most common annoyance or disturbance during most people’s weeks is stress. We feel like we don’t have enough time to do everything we need to get done. We’re annoyed by our co-workers. We’re frustrated by the tiff we had with our significant other. We feel like we have the whole world on our shoulders. Sometimes I gain enough awareness to see just how complicated I can make things in my head. We tell
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When it comes to dressing yourself while pregnant, it can definitely be challenging. Things you think will work on the hanger often look disastrous when you put them on and then things you think won’t work actually do – it’s a whole new learning process. One of my goals has been not to buy any maternity clothes. Thankfully, my style pre-pregnancy always veered toward oversized and slouchier silhouettes so a lot of the things in my
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